CAIN Premiere at Lincoln Center

This past fall, I had the pleasure of shooting a short film titled, CAIN, directed by Zijian Yan and produced by Columbia University's Film Dept. And finally the premiere is here!! CAIN will be apart of the Columbia University Film Festival (CUFF) presented at Lincoln Center on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014. It will be presented in Program C at 2pm on May 3rd. Anyone wishing to purchase tickets can click the link here

In the film, I play Alpha Human, the leader of a pack of humans who are trying to track down my missing son. The film also deals with issues of racial discrimination, prejudice, and societal upheaval through the vice of Humans vs. Neanderthals. The film was shot over the course of a week in upstate New York.

Below is an interview with Miroslav Macala, the producer, and Zi Yan, the director talking about the process and inspiration behind the film! You may even catch a glimpse of me at 1:27!