"Gash's cast is phenomenally sincere. Jamyl Dobson's Rey-Rey, who is especially formidable taking the runway in a glamorous dress and with muscular arms driving Rey-Rey's fierce, elegant dance." - Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post

Photo: Teddy Wolff

"Wig Out is a graphic play but all actors approach challenging subject matter with dignity. The ball is the highlight of this emotionally charged production. Dobson showcases out of this world voguing skills." - Jenny Munich, Broadway World

"The standouts in a powerhouse cast are House of Light elders Lucian (Michael Kevin Darnall) and Rey-Rey (Jamyl Dobson). -Patrick Folliard, The Washington Blade

"Dobson is touching as Rey-Rey, particularly in a scene where he dons his makeup and muses on the fact that he is aging and losing a place of power in the house." Barbara Mackay, Theatermania

"In an astoundingly beautiful scene, Dobson as Rey-Rey sits alone at her makeup table, neon light that bathed the show gone, and laments how with age, she loses her beauty and favor in the drag scene." -John Connor Buckley, MD Theatre Guide

Photo: Teresa Wood

"Rey-Rey, the hous mother, knows her youth is fading and she's lost luster in Lucian's eyes, and Dobson plays her touchingly with all the grandeur that is her due and all the brokenness she does not deserve. Rey-Rey has a monologue that references her struggle to uplift the House of Light while the AIDS plague rage and decimated the gay and drag communities. It's a passage that exemplifies McCraney's superb writing in Wig Out, and Dobson's delivery of it is profound." -John Stoltenberg, DC Metro Theater Arts

"5 Stars!!! Every performer is a powerhouse- from Britton and Mills to Dobson's Rey-Rey..." -Kelly McCorkendale, DC Theatre Scene




"Sam, her downstairs neighbor, played with terrific elan by Jamyl Dobson. Wry, skeptical, and possessed of a dancer's grace, Mr. Dobson brings hilarity to [the] play..."- Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

with Nandita Shenoy as Sonya.  Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum

with Nandita Shenoy as Sonya.

Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum

"Jamyl Dobson's Sam steals the show with his sly humor and human warmth." - Samuel L. Leiter, Theater Pizzazz


"Each member of the ensemble cast delivers believable and authentic performances. Jamyl Dobson is perfect as Sonya’s gay neighbor whose gender-bending tryst with Michael is as hilarious as it is engaging and thought-provoking." - David Roberts, Theatre Reviews Limited


"4/5 stars! This cast is perfect. Supporting cast members Dobson and McNamara will make you scream with laughter."- Margret Echeverria, New York Theatre Guide.com



"What Klein has done with Rand's novella is nothing short of brilliant. She has chosen an unbelievable cast that consists of actors, singers, dancers, acrobats, and gymnasts, assembling all of the above to create a show that is incredibly unique. The amount of talent on that stage is a pure shock to anyone fortunate enough to be a part of the audience."- Kristen Morale, BroadwayWorld.com


The Anthem  Photo: Douglas Mills

The Anthem

Photo: Douglas Mills

"4 out of 5 Stars! Jamyl Dobson is downright powerful and scary as the Executioner should be."- Karen Nowosad, Examiner.com

Executioner (Jamyl Dobson) and Tiberius (Randy Jones)  Photo: Derek Storm

Executioner (Jamyl Dobson) and Tiberius (Randy Jones)

Photo: Derek Storm

"The entire cast, large even by Broadway standards, is in on the joke and work as a unit to keep the energy flowing. They all sing and move well.   Standouts include Jamyl Dobson, imposingly tall as the Executioner."- Joel Benjamin, Theater Pizzazz



"While the thrust of the play is on the exploitation of Henrietta's cells, the destruction of her family after her death is dramatically shown through the superb acting of Jamyl Dobson, playing Henrietta's son, Zakariyya Lacks." - Carolyn Jenkins, Black Star News 

The Cast of Painted Red  Photo: Cynthia Stephens

The Cast of Painted Red

Photo: Cynthia Stephens



"Polynices, played as a sweet soul with sinewy sex appeal by Jamyl Dobson." - Charles Isherwood, New York Times

"Bonney's cast is superb: Benton Greene and Jamyl Dobson as the warring brothers."- The Village Voice

Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg

Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg

"Benton Greene and Jamyl Dobson, who play the brothers, have the sound, the athletic build and the moves. Their solid training in theatre shows through as well. Even in an ensemble this talented, they look like comers."- Glenda Frank, New York Theatre Wire

"Eteocles and Polynices, played respectively by Benton Greene and Jamyl Dobson, both do an admirable job and, like the rest of the performers, are fully committed to both story and the music."- Curtain Up

"The vibrant cast includes Benton Greene as a charismatic but conflicted Eteocles and Jamyl Dobson, whose Polynices comes across as a gentle giant led astray."- USA Today

Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg

Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg

"Centerpiece moments also come from the relationship between Polynices and Tydeus (Flaco Navaja). The two men fall in love, and Bonney lets rare silence define their tenderness. Their love also leads to 'The Seven's' best acting, when Polynices leaves the forest to reclaim Thebes."- Mark Blankenship, Variety

"The fine cast has that extra energy of purpose, and they are likely to be rewarded for it with regular standing ovations like the one that concluded opening night." -theatertimes.org

"As the brothers, rational Eteocles and artistic Polynices, Benton Greene and Jamyl Dobson are outstanding."- San Diego Reader


"At its best, 'The Seven' really struts. Its movement, supervised by the brilliant senior choreographer Bill T. Jones, is its signature, especially when performed by the formidably talented Jamyl Dobson as Polynices."- SanDiego.com

"The two young actors (Benton Greene and Jamyl Dobson) are dynamite, capturing all the love, rivalry, and hatred manifest in brothers, whether or not brothers admit it."- Charlene Baldridge, sdnews.com

"The cast of 'The Seven,' most of whom performed in the play at the New York Theatre Workshop, are terrific in their musical numbers and dance choreography."- The La Jolla Light


*Named Best Supporting Performance by Independent Weekly

"Jamyl Dobson got the nod for physical acting from his first 180 degree split and then took Funky Girl well beyond the stage in 'Natural Death.'" -Independent Weekly


"Special notice must be given to Jamyl Dobson, who is outstanding as Lenny. His performance is the most realized, mature, and believable in the show."- nytheatre.com

"Show-stealer Jamyl Dobson, as a Miss Fierce hedonist who has a trust fund and isn't afraid to use it, foreshadows the lifestyle's ultimate emptiness."- The Village Voice

"Dobson's portrayal as the bratty, catty and (very) chatty party-lover is high energy and consistent, the friend who's always 'on' (or on drugs). To his credit, he lets the caring side of his flippant flaming fellow peep through." -EDGEBoston.com



"It is the text delivered with grave beauty by the actor Jamyl Dobson from a podium on one side of the stage which drives 'Serenade.' Even though Mr. Jones does not physically appear in the piece, his oratorical presence- part naked self-revelation, part intellectual reflection, part bombast- is channeled through Mr. Dobson, a tall, handsome man impeccably dressed in suit, tie, and pocket handkerchief." -Roslyn Sulcas, New York Times

"For this performance, the company was joined by an inspiring guest actor, Jamyl Dobson."- backstage.com

"The legacy of Lincoln is told by Jamyl Dobson, an eloquent actor dressed in elegant attire."- cleveland.com